An overview of GeniusCOMPETITOR mental training for golf.

Lesson 1: Sweet Spot Swings

In the program, we do more visualizations than these sweet spots swings. Most great players visualize, they see the shot in their minds. But if you can’t do that or have a hard time forming mental images (or you are someone who visualizes the worst outcome and have a hard time not doin that), a lot of great players visualize using what I call “feelulization.” (Tiger Woods was this way when it came to creative shots). Essentially, you can just feel the shot in your body (how the shot feels physically when you hit a great shot), and also how you feel emotionally as you hit those shots. For sweet spot swings if you have a hard time forming images in your mind, then just feel it in your body and in your emotions. You can also do this on the course before you hit – feel it in your body.

Lesson 2: Rhythm and Consistency

*I know some of you swing harder – you can still swing fast and keep the swing smooth. Also, as you get better, you can start cranking up from 7.5 and maintain control. You can also still swing faster (think the Tour Tempo speed) and maintain that smoothness that is necessary for consistent and rhythmic golf.

Lesson 3: How Not to Be Crazy on the Golf Course

Lesson 4: Expand Self-Image

There is something to getting it by “osmosis” – just watching people in the zone, feeds the self-image. You are in effect telling yourself, “Watch this, you too can get into the zone.” In fact, as you watch this you should be saying to yourself, “I can do this too.” And then maybe visualize yourself doing what you just watched in the highlights (I call this an Echo Drill – you do an “echo” of what you just saw the star golfer there).

Lesson 5: “EAT” Genius

Some Typical Beliefs of Geniuses:

  • I can do it.
  • I love the pressure, I am clutch.
  • I’m always in flow, I always hit the sweet spot.
  • There are not failures, just opportunities to learn and grow.
  • If someone else did it, I can do it.

EATS – How to emulate genius
External – what are their facial expressions and body language like
Attitude – what is their mental dialogue and mental imagery like
Technique and Skills – how do they swing the club, how do they chip
Schedule and Routine – what is the daily routine look like for your genius